This is a site for sharing resources with the aim of raising the culture of Peer Mentoring, improving its access and quality in South London.


The Standing Committee on Post-Graduate Medical Education defines mentoring as ‘the process whereby an experienced, empathic individual guides another individual in the development and re-examination of their own ideas, learning, and personal and professional development’1. It goes on to say ‘the mentor….achieves this by listening and talking in confidence to the mentee’.

Mentoring is identified as an important aspect in supporting and developing good medical practice by the GMC2,3.  “Improved access to mentoring” has also been recognised as a key factor that would improve the working lives of doctors3, and benefits are achieved by both mentors and mentees.  There are different models of mentoring and currently there is an increased interest in developing Peer Mentoring schemes in postgraduate medical training in various specialties.


What is available currently:

A scoping exercise was conducted in early 2015.

Peer mentoring in South London










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  2. General Medical Council. Leadership and management for all doctors. 2012.
  3. General Medical Council. Good medical practice 2013. GMC, 2013.

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