Step 1: Recruitment of mentors

If you are just about to start a new scheme, the best way to recruit mentors is to speak to the potential group directly.  You may want to organise a special event or simply get a slot during a local teaching day or other meetings where most of your potential mentors attend and talk to them about the scheme.  Once the scheme has been established, you can rely mainly on emails to recruit mentors.

Suggested e-mail:

Dear all,

From (date) we will have (x) new foundation doctors working in the trust, some straight out of medical school, and an even larger number of new core trainees. Following on from our pilot Near/Peer Mentoring Scheme for Foundation Doctors in (Specialty) and the established Core Trainee Mentoring Scheme, we need core and higher trainees to act as mentors on both schemes starting from (x).

Mentoring gives you a fantastic opportunity to be involved in medical education and develop your supervision skills. You will also ensure that the foundation doctors and core trainees have a great training experience at (trust).

If you participate in this 2015/2016 scheme you will receive a certificate of participation if you provide three sessions of mentoring, attend at least 1 supervision group and complete an evaluation form. Supervision groups will be held throughout the year and we will inform you of the dates of these in due course. We will also provide refresher courses for your mentoring skills.

If interested, please answer the questions below in a return email:

  • Year of Training from august 2015:
  • Location Aug 15- Feb 16:
  • Job:
  • Interests (Research/Audit/ Teaching etc):
  • Hobbies:
  • Experience as a mentor (if any, not required):
  • Experience as a mentee (if any not required):
  • Commitment to meeting your mentee (foundation doctor or core trainee) at last three times:
  • Happy to be contacted to fill out evaluation form at end of scheme:
  • Preference: Foundation Doctor or Core Trainee?
  • Any other information you would like us to consider for matching purposes? (e.g. interest in mentoring IMG, flexi trainee, etc)

Thank you so much for helping us with these questions so we will be able to match the most suitable mentee/mentor pairs.

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