Step 3: Recruitment of mentees

Induction (via a slot in the programme of the day, plus road-show stand) or local academic programme are the natural points of face-to-face recruitment. We suggest an opt-in model, and most people fill in the form at the event. A follow-up e-mail will encourage undecided trainees to join. Alternatively, recruitment solely via e-mail has also proven to have good uptake rates.

Example flyers for the SLaM Core Trainee and Foundation Doctor mentoring scheme can be found in the Resources section.


Suggested sign-up form:


Request to join the scheme as a Mentee



Year of training (e.g. F1/2, CT1/2/3):



Placement in April 2016 (location, ward/team):

Area of London in which you live:

Special Interests (Psychiatry/outside Psychiatry):


Is there anything else you would like us to consider for matching purposes, e.g. ACF, IMG, flexi-trainee, specific area you would like to use mentoring for, etc


We will do our best to match Mentors to Mentees based on geography and special interests, but of course there will be an element of chance.


Thank you.

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