Step 8: Workshop

A workshop can be held once every 4-6 months, for mentors to receive structured support and a general rehearsal of mentoring techniques, either a specific model or more specific techniques, e.g. Force Field Analysis   or Personality Style Inventory.

Suggested e-mail:

We are inviting you to attend a Peer Mentoring Workshop on (date) from 5:30 – 7:30pm in (location). This will be run by the mentoring leads and cover training in the (chosen mentoring model) and group supervision to discuss any challenges, queries or themes that have come up in your mentoring sessions.

Although this session is aimed primarily at current mentors even if you have not yet been able to have a first meeting with your mentee/s), please do attend if you are thinking of joining the scheme as a mentor (at a later date) as this workshop will act as refresher course in terms of your mentoring skills and will induct you to the programme.

For those of you who are mentors -thank you for volunteering your time and experience to the Peer Mentoring Programme – we hope you have had a positive experience so far!

Please confirm whether you can attend by emailing (organisers) for catering and planning purposes. Participating in a work shop is required to receive the Peer Mentor certificate at the end of the scheme.

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